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Freedomsoft, Preston Ely’s very cool real estate flipping (wholesaling) software was originally released in 2010 and over the last few years I’ve watched it get better and better. Take a quick look at this video tour of my personal Freedomsoft account to see all the features. AND see me suck 4,000+ property leads, 1,255 cash buyer leads and 330 private lender leads from Denver County Colorado out of the software in less than 2 minutes!

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Here’s my Freedomsoft review:
In a nutshell, it’s a real estate matchmaking software that anyone can use to make matches between cash buyers of real estate and sellers of real estate. The system makes these matches automatically AND tells you what your commissions and/or assignment fees will be. It does all of your marketing for you and creates killer buyer and seller websites (see mine in the video above).

Some Questions I Get Asked A Lot About Freedomsoft

(By the Way The Answer to All of These Questions is YES…)

Do I really have instant access to 1,000,000+ seller leads?
Do I really have instant access to 1,400,000+ cash buyers?
Can I run an unlimited number of comp reports for FREE?
Can FreedomSoft tell me exactly what to say to a seller on the phone?
Can FreedomSoft walk me through each deal step-by-step?
Can I access FreedomSoft on my iPhone or Android phone?
Can I publish properties for sale to Facebook, Twitter, & 18 other sites in seconds?
Can I see my hottest leads on one easy dashboard?
Can I import leads & contacts into FreedomSoft?
Do I have access to my local MLS inside FreedomSoft?
Are all my direct mail pieces pre-written for me?
Can FreedomSoft automatically follow-up with buyers, sellers, & lenders for me?
Can I outsource short sale leads to a specialist?
Can I see a map of where a property is located?
Can FreedomSoft show me what a house looks like so I don’t have to drive out to see it?
Can I send an email broadcast to my buyers list?
Can I use FreedomSoft to flip land or commercial properties?
Can I use FreedomSoft in Canada, eh?
Can FreedomSoft auto-fill my contracts?
Can I upload my own contracts?
Can I use FreedomSoft together with my partners & VAs?
Can I assign a task to a partner or VA?
Can FreedomSoft tell me what any house is worth?
Can I generate printable comp packages?
Can FreedomSoft connect me to other investors in my area?
Can FreedomSoft help me find buyers for my properties?
Can FreedomSoft generate short sale packages for me?
Can I funnel leads into FreedomSoft from any website?
Can FreedomSoft give me lead-input forms for Facebook?
Can I sign contracts digitally?
Can I fax or email offers directly from FreedomSoft?
Can I really run a paperless office with FreedomSoft?
Can I run reports to determine marketing ROI?
Can FreedomSoft log my conversations with sellers?
Can I set a reminder to call someone back in 30 days?
Can I use FreedomSoft on a Mac? A PC? An iPad?
Can I get help instantly when I need it?
Can I be up & running with FreedomSoft in the next 2 minutes

Yes, yes a thousand times YES!

Let me tell you one of the coolest things about this software is that it now comes with the ability to have up to 15 users.  That means my assistant can use it and I can even give an account to my niece in law (? is that a real relative?) Jill who wants to start flipping houses in her spare time.

Freedomsoft has an intuitive easy-to-use interface and included in the software is…

* push-button websites
* seller leads
* cash buyer leads
* private lender leads
* direct mail on-demand
* email marketing system
* comparable sales
* instant valuation system
* instant contract & package generator
* social media integration
* & a whole lot more

Automated Contracts
I hate paper pushing and the push-button contract preparation aspect of FreedomSoft is very cool.

Automated Internet Deal Syndication
FreedomSoft automatically blasts your deal to more than 17 websites plus your social networking pages such as Facebook and Twitter.  This, combined with his pre-written autoresponder sequence to your buyers list will ensure that your deals get snapped up fast.

24 Hour Support
I don’t know of any other real estate investing software provider that offers real, live 24 hour, 7 day a week support.  That’s awesome.

Due Diligence

The automated due diligence aspect of FreedomSoft is pretty slick.  My concern is that it’s difficult to automate that since the online comps and market data is typically unreliable and all over the board but…  the proof is in the pudding.

I like it when it’s a green light “yes” and the software tells me exactly what to offer.

Direct REO Access

This is pretty cool even if you’re not wholesaling.

More Cool Embedded Apps

Virtual Whiteboard

Scheduling & Task Manager

Mapping & Virtual Inspector

Instant Valuation System

Comparable Sales

Instant Offer Calculator

e-Signature Creator

Easy Contract Editor (Pre-Loaded)

Instant Package Generator (Pre-Loaded)

30-Second Internet Syndicator

Instant Reporting

“Anywhere” Website Integration

Facebook Web Forms

One-Click Faxing & Emailing

Instant Seller Leads Daily

Cash Buyer Leads Daily

Private Lender Leads Daily


Your Own Virtual Assistant

On-Demand Proof of Funds Letters

Access to $5 Million in Funding

Two Freedomsoft (2) Live Event Tickets

LIVE Monthly Call-In Mentoring!

Final Word
Recommended. Two huge thumbs up.

This program makes money for experienced wholesalers like me and brand new investors like my niece in law Jill. :-)

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  1. Thank you for a great review. Wholesaling doesn’t fly that well in Canada – at least not in the same ways that you folks get to roll with it – so I didn’t even test drive the system but I do like your summary. If I get any more questions about it I will send them over here.

  2. Thanks, Saved me the time. I appreciate your INSIGHT. I value your opinion.

  3. Thanks Julie!

  4. Thanks Michael!

  5. Thanks again! My partner and I were considering this for one aspect of our business. Your insight help us put things in perspective. We will probably go ahead for the residential portion of our business.

  6. Great post! It did save my time as well. I will make sure to discuss this with my partner.
    I am happy that this site really consider ours point of view.

  7. Hi Susan
    Do you know it there is a product like this out there for commercial property? And when you do respond to our questions where can I view your response at?
    Thanks Edward

    • Hi Edward, there is no automated investing product for commercial property. Freedomsoft goes to 4 units so you will find some duplexes, tri’s and quads.

      • Actually I purchased Bob Diamond’s Commerical course last year. they have a sorta-similar system that used RealeFlow to find commercial leads. however, they are ‘rough’ general buyer leads, renter leads, and private money leads. Nothing as sophisticated as FreedomSoft (which I have NOT purchased, YET! will be shortly). Diamond’s course is very hands on, but does not get too much into marketing other than the old-school way of networking and such. The leads would need to be MAILED (postal) out, as they dont provide email addresses. Otherwise, its a good system. Hope that helps! :) -Hal

  8. Hi, Im not in real estate, can freedomsoft make me money??

    • Well, it’s a tool to help you wholesale real estate. If you have an interest in wholesaling real estate it will definitely help you make money.

  9. Hi Susan, is the current version you are showing still available or sold out? I thought I saw a ‘sold out’ notice at the website. I am interested in the affiliate opp and also using this to blast off my wholesaling business.

  10. Hi Steve, somebody didn’t click the link. :-) It’s open for business.

  11. hi, i’m from south africa… can this software still work for me?

  12. If you’re investing in the US, yes.

  13. hi Susan! i’m a Filipino and this awesome product caught my attention…Is it only for US citizens? tnx :)

  14. Hi Chari, no you can use it from any country as long as you are investing in the US.

  15. Dear Susan,

    Im grateful quick reply…Im so excited to purchase and start using freedomsoft!

    More success to you and wish me luck on my new venture. Cheers! :)

  16. If you aren’t an investor or a realtor with a license can you still make money with this tool/website?

    • Freedomsoft is for real estate investors who are wholesaling deals or flipping them to other investors. You don’t need a license but you should be a real estate investor.

      • I wanted to know if I could ask you some questions about the Freedom soft program?

        • Hi Marcus, feel free.

  17. Hi, my name is Dana.
    Everything about the Freedomsoft is great,
    but shame for me is in America.
    Yes I have read thrue and see….. if I will invest in America…

    But I dont want, the really crissis is in Europe so who will help there?

    From this point of view is Freedomsoft nothing for me.

    Good luck to all.

  18. I like your review, but I have never done anything like this before, so I am still a little nervous about this. Will I receieve any live help if I decide to get started with freedomsoft?

    • Hi Frank. They have good support videos and I think they do live training webinars.

  19. Hello Susan. Nice review. I am in Alabama and am considering buying the package and need some heads up. Good to see an actual face. How long have you been using the software? How soon after getting on board did you start making money?

    • Hi Daniel, I’ve had access to it since it came out in 2010. Just paid for a subscription a few months ago because it’s that good. I’ve been making money in REI since 1994 but this software can give newbies a good start.

  20. I love Freedomsoft! It’s a god-send and allows me to keep all my stuff in order.

  21. Please correct me if I am wrong. Freedomsoft is a back end platform to post property for sale and to access property properties for sale, home buyers and cash investors supported by various apps. There are no property listings like a conventional property portal to show clients, however there are webpage templates used to attract buyers and sellers in general. The back end is then used by the broker privately to match buy requirements to appropriate properties in a personal service scenario. Is this correct?

    • That’s correct. But there’s a lot more functionality related to the day to day operation of your wholesaling business.

  22. Besides the $90+ dollars for licensing what other hidden costs are involved with this program?

    • No hidden fees.

  23. hi susan… does buying the software means you are already investing it in the US? or even if you are not in the US you can still do the business?

    • The software only provides leads and comps for US properties but you can use the other functionality if you’re investing outside the US. Obviously if you’re investing in the US you can use it wherever you are based.

  24. I have seen other real estate flippers say that this is a “tool” just as you have confirmed in a prior post above. I have read that unless you actually already own a wholesale real estate business or know something about it, this tool may not work for you. As a “newbie” how can I guarantee my success at something I know nothing about with this software? It is just an organizational tool to effectively impliment my business but where can I learn what is required of the business. You said earlier that there were no “hidden” costs but I noticed in the form to order that there is a $97.00 monthly fee just to use this “tool” besides the $39.00 start up fee for the first month. Where can I learn the cost and risk obligations that is involved in owning a wholesale real estate business?

    • Yep, it’s a tool. FS licenses are charged monthly. So that’s not a hidden cost, it’s just the cost. Success is never guaranteed in anything. If you just got your driver’s license and want to get a car do you get a Hyundai or a Porsche? Either one will get you where you want to go, one just makes it more fun and less of a hassle. Like FS. You can learn more about wholesaling in my ebook

  25. I know nothing about real estate investing. Can this really work for someone like me?

    • Not unless you are committed to building a wholesaling business.

  26. I’m a skeptic tried several programs that said u can make money and nothing I saw this looked it up and tempted to try how do I know that you can make money with this also invest I guess you have to put money down any proof that this software works?

    • Hi Jay. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a tool for people tat want to flip real estate. That takes work. Also, punctuation is a great tool to use when commenting. :-)

  27. a few questions:

    are the contracts to purchase properties state compliance or it just a letter to the listing agent that i would be interested in purchasing and would like to make an offer?

    where are the buyers list generated from?

    is there training that comes along with purchasing the software?

    • Hi Allan,

      1) It generates a cash offer email or fax
      2) Public records of properties purchased with cash
      3) Yes

  28. Susan I received a link to Freedom Soft which I can buy for either $97 a month or $197 a month. Most of your replies from people who are newbies to RE suggests you think this product would help them make money. Other RE investors don’t seem to agree as they believe as you do that this is a tool and a new person who has never done real estate will get frustrated. Should I take your course first or buy and use them at the same time?

    • It’s not a real estate training, it’s a software tool. So take math for example. The calculator will help you solve a problem but you first need a problem to solve.

  29. I needed to read this. I have been on the fence about getting this freedomsoft program. it sounds like it simplifies your real estate investing life. thank you for this post. I live in the North Carolina area, this will allow me to take advantage ofreal estate in Charlotte North Carolina

  30. I enjoyed reading all the comments on the FS system, I recently purchased it and are in the midst of setting it up, although my interests lay mainly in multi family commercial real estate, this will keep my sites broadened


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