I got something really special for you today.

At my Getting the Money Bootcamp in June, one of the bonuses we gave to the attendees was a list of active private lenders in their market.

Obviously, it was a huge hit. In fact, some of the people came to Denver (and paid big bucks) just to get their hands on that list.

Well, my partner Patrick decided that this info was too good to keep secret. He documented the “private money on demand” process and he gave me permission to share it with you. (yay!)

Go here:

To find real-life, active private lenders in YOUR market instantly.

Now, these are NOT…

— Hard Money Lenders
— Banks
— Portfolio Lenders

They are active private money lenders.

And you don’t have to…

— Go to a REIA
— Network
— Have a (stupid) Lender Luncheon

That stuff is old school.

It’s 100% SEC compliant. (my favorite part.)

Patrick found 36 active private lenders in his area in 27 minutes.  How many can you find?