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The Investor Insights is a community where investors come to get ideas on making money with:

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Susan Lassiter-Lyons is the founder and Chief Fun Officer.

An investor since 1990, she's an Amazon #1 best-selling author, entrepreneur, and profit strategist. Susan's closed 612 real estate investment transactions, raised $30.3 million in private capital and her insights are consumed by more than 52,000 subscribers in the US and Canada.

She's a prolific real estate and angel investor with a portfolio featuring 740 real estate units, 10 tech start-ups, and 7 cannabis companies. She lives in Denver, CO with her wife Annette and dogs Harper and Hank.



Bill Walston is a real estate investor, tax and entity strategist, real estate coach and multifamily investor. He specializes in master lease option investing and to date, has acquired 70 apartment buildings using this alternative real estate investing strategy.

Bill lives in Johnson City, TN with his partner and dogs Karma and Bailey.


Jade Dumestre is the customer success specialist for Team Insights. She is the one who will help you with all billing and support issues.

She's awesome and has the patience of a saint. We don't deserve her. 🙂

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