What Is Peer to Peer Lending?

By Susan Lassiter-Lyons | Private Lending

If you’ve ever looked into the idea of investing in something a little cooler than the stock market, you’ve probably come across the term “peer-to-peer lending.” This may sound like a group of suits exchanging a few hundred bucks at a golf outing, but it’s a little more sophisticated than that. Peer-to-peer lending (or P2P, […]

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Bank On Yourself With Whole Life Insurance

By Luke Peterson | Private Lending

Is this the “secret” ingredient missing from your real estate business and personal finances? We love real estate because it gives us control, creative options, tax advantages, and higher rates of return (if we do it right by following Susan’s advice). However, I am constantly surprised at how even many successful investors don’t know how […]

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Real Estate Investing Scams

By Susan Lassiter-Lyons | Real Estate

Ok, everybody get ready for a rant about real estate investing scams. You guys, as a real estate investor, trainer, and coach I’m highly sensitive to scams. I’m in this business, and when the real estate scammers scam hard working people like you out of their money, it pisses me off. Not to mention the fact […]

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