So, now HUD is proposing legislation that eliminates all seller financing unless it’s on the seller’s primary residence or s/he is a licensed mortgage originator.


As you know, I love seller financing. I have used it extensively to buy and sell residential and commercial investment properties. So, announcements like this really get me steamed. Once again, the government trying to interfere with and put limits on the way I run my real estate business.

You can download the full proposal here:

Yes, it’s an issue for investors selling properties and offering owner financing. But, after reading the proposal, I think you can get around it by:

1) Becoming a licensed mortgage broker.
2) Working with a licensed mortgage broker on your deal.
3) Having an attorney represent the buyer.

If none of those options sound appealing, then sell those residential properties using FHA financing which no longer requires any seller seasoning and start investing in commercial property.

I’ve been a commercial investor exclusively for several years now and I have to tell you, it’s much easier over here. NONE of these HUD rules apply to commercial transactions. None of the other ridiculous regulations apply, either.

Commercial property transactions are business transaction between two businesses. There’s no poor, illiterate, innocent citizen that the government needs to protect from us predatory, manipulative real estate investors. I love commercial investing.

In fact, last week I did a private, VIP webinar to give a sneak peek of my new course, Master Lease Option Method, and one of the slides was entitled “Why Commercial?” Here are the reasons why I love commercial investing so much:

* Residential profits are limited.
* Residential is too regulated.
* Residential has occupancy issues.
* Residential is for the “do-it-yourselfer” and I do not want to do it myself.
* Commercial offers exponentially increased profits, opportunities, creativity and PROFESSIONALISM.

So, for now you have a couple of choices. 1) Remain a residential investor and deal with the ever-changing, and increasingly stifling rules OR 2) come on over to commercial. I’ll show you how.

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