If you turn on the news this week, it’s a scary scene. The president and Congress are battling out whether to raise the debt ceiling or not.

It’s true; we’re living in a scary time. And as Las Vegas tycoon Steve Wynn says, businesses are scared to invest. Especially with moves like the one that’s been overshadowed by this debt ceiling debate. As I posted earlier this week, the Fed is attempting to eliminate “seller-based financing.”

How We Can Squelch the Fear

We have a tiny window to be heard and you need to make sure your voice is heard before the Federal Reserve knocks out a key way we investors can keep on making money – and helping people remain homeowners.

Some of the key points:

  • The Fed wants to enact a rule that “prohibits property sellers from taking back a mortgage unless the buyer can qualify for conventional financing.”
  • The proposed act empowers buyers to “cancel the sale” within three years if they aren’t “properly qualified” for a mortgage by the seller.
  • The proposal means that you’ll be required to collect all sorts of financial information on your prospective buyers. That means you’ll have to keep up with more regulations and will likely drive investors out of the business.

Fight Back by Friday

Let’s take hold of the fear and fight back. Be sure to submit your comments (scroll to the bottom of the page) by Friday, July 22nd.

How do you feel about this issue? Fearful? Angered? Share your sentiments in the comments below.