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The System


It’s the same system that the big investment firms use to dominate markets. The system works because it's based on the same system that drives every business…

  • Systems
  • Process
  • Capital
  • Lead Flow

Read this START HERE page carefully. Read it multiple times and commit it to memory. This is the stuff they don’t teach in business school.

Here's the Simple System for Real Estate Success


Some of these resources are freely available on the Investor Insights blog.

Other resources are for sale in the form of online training programs or are available in the Investor Insights Elite members area.

Yep… we sell stuff.

A lot of stuff actually.

But don't call us “gurus.” We're real estate investment experts.

If you want to play at this, making real estate a hobby, then this might not be the place for you.

If you want to build and scale a REAL real estate investment business, then let's get started.

1. Choose (and get clarity on) your investment strategy and market.

2. Identify your funding sources.

3. Implement lead generation systems.

Step 1 – Investment Strategy


The first step to success in real estate investing is being CLEAR and I mean CRYSTAL clear on how you’re going to invest.

The first question I usually ask brand new investors who come to me for help is “What’s your investing strategy?”

If they answer something like, “Whatever great deal presents itself” then I know that this guy is going to have a tough time of it.

Think about it. It’s like if you decide to open a restaurant. And someone asks “So, what kind of food are you going to serve?”

It would be nuts to answer, “We can cook anything the customer is hungry for!”

You’d have no idea how to market your restaurant, no idea what food and ingredients to buy and no way to estimate costs and price out your menu.

The investors who have the BEST success are the ones who know EXACTLY what they are and how they make money.

When someone asks what is your investment strategy…

Ok Answer: “I’m a rehabber.”

Better Answer: “I rehabilitate 2 and 3 bedrooms homes in metro Denver. We specialize in houses with structural issues and look for opportunities to buy at a minimum 40% discount. We then resell these houses in an average of 5 months to retail buyers at market value.

This specificity does a LOT for you.

1. It gives you INSTANT credibility

2. It lets people know how they can help you – now they’ll be on the lookout for structurally damaged 2 and 3 bedroom houses in Metro Denver

3. It lets your prospective investment partners know exactly what they are investing in, how you make your money/add value and when they can expect their investment funds back.



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Step 2 – Capital


Ok, this is the biggie.

Real estate investing is one of the most capital-intensive businesses there is.

And there are many ways to get that capital – some are difficult to qualify for and some require no qualifying.

I prefer NO qualifying which is why I have staked my career (and legacy) on using private money.

Private money is capital from what is referred to as “small investors.”

Small investors just means private individual investors as opposed to institutional investors such as banks and other conventional lending sources.

Since 2004, I have raised $26.2 million in capital from small investors.

My students have collectively raised more than $100 million. (yes, you read that right)

And I'm on a mission to facilitate raising $1 BILLION in private capital for real estate by 2020.

Raising private money for your business is simple but most people get tripped up because they don’t want to “ask anyone they know for money.”

This is such a common mindset issue.

And honestly it’s the biggest thing that stands in the way to success for investors.

That’s why I spend so much time teaching and coaching around this topic.

Which investor do you want to be?


Joe, who works with private, individual investors where he gets to set the rates and terms?

Or Gary, who has to submit his loan to bank after bank after bank only to get turn down after turn down and even if he IS lucky enough to get an approval the rates and fees will be so high it will erase any profit he has in the deal anyway?

I’d rather be Joe.

And I think you would, too.

Of course, I also believe in creative financing strategies and working with community banks (portfolio lenders).

Having many funding strategies at your disposal means that you will never lose a deal because of financing ever again!

And that feels great.


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Step 3 – Lead Flow


The final ingredient in this real estate success recipe is lead flow.

You are a marketer first and foremost, whether you realize it or not.

And the bottom line is that your business is doing deals.

Getting access to great deals – off market, high cash flow potential deals is a science.

It begins (again) with getting pinpoint clarity on your investment strategy and exactly how your business makes money.

And then market research and selection, choosing 3-5 (out of 65 that I teach) lead flow channels to systematize your lead flow.

The goal is to always have a minimum of 5 potential deals in the pipeline.

This helps you make great decisions AND gives you an opportunity to monetize your overflow lead flow via wholesaling.

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