Here's What Our Students Have Been Able to Achieve

DISCLAIMER: For the love of all that's holy, these results are NOT typical. Everyone on this page is an extraordinary individual – they took action, followed through, were very coachable, and got terrific results. In no way, shape, or form, are we guaranteeing that you can do the same… but if you want to go for it, we’re here to help!

What Susan teaches works. Period. I have secured nearly $400,000 so far and I am not finished! You won’t be disappointed with ‘Getting the Money’… you will laugh (a lot!), learn, and, if you take action you will most certainly get the money. Shae Bynes

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I couldn’t get money in the U.S., no matter what I did because I was foreign… I had no choice. It’s private money or nothing… And a lot of what Susan talked about just sparked me. Since then, I have just been so energized. I went from my first loan of $100,000 to working with someone on a loan for $1M plus! And that’s in 6 months!

Christopher Craig

Winnipeg, CA

In just 30 days since investing in Getting the Money, I’ve succeeded in finding a private money partner with $90,000 for a fix and flip in Denver. Thanks Susan! Patrick McCarroll

Denver, CO

My WORST week since working with Susan was only getting $600,000 in commitments from private investors!

Dave Gerlitz

Boulder, CO

With Susan’s program I was able to take some massive actions and my business has gone to a whole new level… Before I was providing transactional funding to investors for small residential flips. Now I am expanding this and putting a fund together to provide short-term bridge financing for commercial flips. I feel totally energized, excited and so fortunate to have met Susan. I only wish I had come across her sooner!

Gita Patel

San Jose, CA

I’m a 26 year retired Navy Senior Chief and have never really been involved in real estate until last year. I want you to know I love the Getting the Money course. One tip alone in your course gave me a shift in mindset about approaching or communicating with private lenders… I can tell you I have not ever listened to anyone as easy, you captivated me. The others just seem to ramble on and on, but you get right to the point! You definitely deliver ‘CONTENT’ packed material!

Scott Sossaman

Jacksonville, FL

One month after returning home from your private funding workshop I was brought a great deal on a multiple-house package. I struggled for a month and a half with a national hard money lender and a bank with only marginal success. Then I remembered you said that private money investors always have more money to invest than they put into their first deal. Based on this, I went back to one of my private money partners and pitched the deal. To my amazement, I ended up with a JV where they put in over $400k. Without your encouragement, I would have probably lost the deal.

Mac Johnstone

Raleigh, NC

I just wanted to thank you. I bought your Instant Private Money course last summer. I put several of the ideas into effect right away. Shortly after that, I found several lenders that said they would lend to me when I get a property. I also found a few great contacts through LinkedIn. I never really wanted to be a member of LinkedIn before since I already had Facebook but I did it anyway since your program suggested it. Through one of the contacts I made on LinkedIn I found a great lender that after speaking to me on the phone said he was eager to lend to me. As soon as I got a property under contract, I sent him and others the presentation and within a few minutes of receiving it he replied that he wanted to lend me the money for the project. We are now in the final stages of the rehab looking to getting it listed this week. Without your program, I would have never found him and not been able to get the funding I needed for this deal. Thank you very much and God bless you.

Christopher Hepburn

Selinsgrove, PA

Got my first private money investor – $70k at 8%!

Chris Luciano

Parkton, MD


The private funding event was not only packed with top-notch, excellent content, but the quality and caliber of attendees made for one of the best networking opportunities I’ve ever experienced. Job well done!

Jeremy Crutchfield

Las Vegas, NV

I have your system and I want to report that I did a Master Lease Option on a 16 unit near a college campus that this man had with only 5 units rented. In 2 months time we have filled 15 of the 16 units and have an application for the last one. Whoo-hoow!


Patricia Keefe

Dayton, OH

I just got the Master Lease Option Method course three weeks ago and it is already working for me. I am working on my first two deals. Thanks!

Toyin Dawodu

Riverside, CA

Hey Susan I got my first Master Lease Option accepted by the seller! We did a deal with no money up front for a $3.1 million option on a building with a recent appraisal of $3.5 million. With an 80% occupancy rate value should be roughly $4.7 million… A nice $1.8 million profit on the back end and $24,500 PER MONTH POTENTIAL NET INCOME!!!! WOW… I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I am killing with the MLO program. Thanks for the course it’s one heck of a guideline for success.

Charles Key

Richland Hills, TX

wOOt!! Closed on a 9-unit this afternoon… can you say Master Lease Option Method? Tied this baby up with a five year Master Lease Option, with an option to renew for three additional years… Cha-ching!! The tips I picked up from Susan Lassiter-Lyons made this and several other deals MUCH easier to find and negotiate. Everyone can learn from a mentor and you would be hard-pressed to find any better, regardless of your investing experience level.

Bill Walston

Johnson City, TN


I did exactly what you said. I contacted Truliant Credit Union and found that they were offering very favorable terms to investors. They will allow an unlimited number of properties in the company name. Their rates are extraordinarily good – 5.5%. More importantly, I now know that I have a source for funding and can actively pursue new deals.


Susan Lurie

Charlotte, NC

I purchased the Portfolio Loan Blueprint Saturday and spent the day viewing and reading it. The process seems so common sense now, but not before I reviewed it. Sunday, I spent the day preparing the documentation as you described… Monday, I went to a favorite small bank after following your advice and presented myself and my materials. I answered the question, ‘How much would you like, limited to 70% of your portfolio value?’ This gives me a million bucks with hardly any difficulty at all… This seems so strange – I just went through a grueling two months attempting to get a home purchased for myself. The process was so difficult, it was a terrible experience, and ‘I got turned down.’ The underwriters, succeeded in not making the loan and making me feel like I was a criminal… But now I have a solution. Thanks for showing me the light!

Ronald Cooper

Oklahoma City, OK

A note of sincere thanks for your Portfolio Loan Blueprint program. I fought with loan brokers and banks for eight months and couldn’t get even a small loan offer. With your program I found all of the credit unions in Albuquerque and picked the five best or biggest you might say. I called and connected with the commercial heads. I then prepared my loan application and executive summary and submitted it to five of them… I got one no reply and three ‘looks good but we have all the commercial we need right now’ and one ‘we are very interested.’… Well, on November 24th we closed on a loan that paid off a delinquent mortgage and provided cash out of $200,000. I’m telling you this really is a miracle.

Bill Johnson

Knoxville, TN

The Portfolio Loan Blueprint program works and I’m living proof. 3 months ago I had no idea that there was a way to go beyond 10 single family homes due to Fannie regulations. The traditional lenders will never tell you as it’s not in their best interest. Following the program, I put together all the required docs (PFS, REO, Real Estate Resume, etc.) and went to see a couple of banks… Momentum built quickly and I walked away with a solid, $600,000 mortgage line of credit for my new LLC.

Ash Mathradas

Singapore by way of Austin, TX

Getting the Deals is a great program! The deals are there if you get outside of the box and get creative. Using these strategies I went from zero deals to 14 houses under contract in just over a month.

Stevie Bear

Austin, TX

I've only used one deal getting strategy – HUD foreclosures. Now, after seeing the 65 deal flow strategies Susan shares in Getting the Deals, I've implemented another 6 into my business!

Les Jepsen

Minneapolis, MN

I just received an email from a credit union in Orlando and they are going to be selling me 8 properties in one package deal – they just foreclosed and are lowering the prices to get them off their books! Thanks again for your Bulk REO system. I never would have even known about this without it!

Tom Weintz

I like your organization more and more each time I make an investment with you.

Katherine Taylor

I had a great opportunity to sell one of my lease option properties to my tenant who wanted to exercise her option to buy, but I had no clue how to get the deal done.  We were getting a sizable cash payment, but needed to owner finance a portion of sales price as well to make the deal work. Since the property was originally financed with private money, I didn't think we'd be able to do the deal.  Thanks to Susan and her teaching on wrap mortgages, we were able to close the deal plus continue to enjoy a monthly cashflow from the property via the owner financing. Thanks Susan!

Shae Bynes

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

If you need to raise private money to fund your real estate deals and don't know where to start ‘Getting the Money' is just what you need. I know – I'm living proof. Using the strategies Susan teaches, I was able to raise just shy of $1,000,000 in less than 90 days.

Bill Walston

Johnson City, TN

Susan is probably the most influential person in my real estate investing. She's very, very savvy in all the ways of investing. To date, I have $3,500,000 in private money commitments but using these techniques there is an additional $20,000,000 available to me.

Gregory Greenwood

Los Angeles, CA

Susan's company is unique in that they are not just real estate coaches but life coaches as well. She gave me courage and my wife has more confidence in my real estate as well as my partners. Just last week I raised an additional $135,000 in private money and signed a joint venture agreement with a partner in Texas where I'll receive 50% of the equity and cash flow in a multifamily deal AND access to additional funds totaling $1,000,000 in private capital.

Brenden Kanakaole

Waipahu, HI


Wow, you're GOOD, I mean GREAT. I’ve been looking for someone like you for a long time.  I’ve been doing my own research for a long time, reading about PPM's, Reg D and how to present myself to investors and suddenly you came along and answered 98% of my questions! How come nobody else put together a comprehensive package on how to pitch investors like you? Thanks again… you are thorough and you go into the details.

Mark Zulu

Venice, FL

This is exciting. I have been a landlord & property rehabber since 1982. I raised $300,000 in private money and in November I purchased 4 properties with private money contributed by 3 different investors. With a business model that is built around your strategies and techniques I am confident I can raise millions. Desi Arnaz

San Diego, CA

Susan! You hit the nail on the head. My business partner and I were having trouble getting a mortgage from the Big Banks here in Ontario Canada for student rentals. Using your strategies, We decided to approach private lenders and just closed on a power of sale we are turning into a student rental by using their cash for the purchase price. Gary Wray

Ontario, Canada

Best real Estate training I’ve ever seen. I learned more here in 45 minutes than I have in over 3 years. Truly incredible. Thanking again in advance for changing my life and career potential. Gerald Allen

Your integrity and detailed knowledge blows me away. Frank Aquilone

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