The Motley Fool warned real estate trust investors this morning about an ugly four letter word to watch out for in the coming months – debt.

As Brian Richards reported, the trusts with high-to-capital ratios need to keep a close watch on the trend in debt levels.

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to worry about following debt ratios and trends as a real estate investor who uses private money to fund their deals? Now, I know there’s a difference in investing in real estate investment trusts and brokering your investment deals, but they are similar beasts.

Working with private investors to syndicate your real estate investments is a much less complex strategy for getting rich than looking at all of these indexes, ratios and trends. I’d much rather work with someone’s cash to return 5.5 to 8% to mine and their pockets than watch tickers and guestimates by analysts.

You see, the power of syndication and pooling private money is that we are working with CASH. I think that’s a much prettier word than debt. Plus, it’s a much more powerful word when it comes to getting deals done.

Are you ready to learn more about syndication and pooling? As part of Private Money month on The Investor Insights, I’ve put together a video series that breaks down how to get deals done with private investors and that pretty word – CASH. Visit this link to get the simple facts on syndication and pooling private money.