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Big Money from Small Investors: How to Raise $250,000 in Private Money in the Next 30 Days

In finance circles, small investors are individual investors and in this FREE training, I'll share with you exactly how to raise unlimited capital from these individual investors.

You'll discover…

  • The secret to getting no qualifying financing for as low as 4% to 6%.
  • How to get private funding WITHOUT needing a downpayment, worrying about your credit score or any previous investing experience.
  • Exactly what to SAY to small investors to get unlimited funding.
  • How to structure (and QUICKLY close) deals that private money lenders love.

This private money strategy is the secret to getting 100% funding at rates as low as 4%, without having to worry about your credit score or personal financials.

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The Master Lease Option Method: How To Control Commercial Properties (Without Ownership), Quickly Increase The Value and Pocket The Difference!

In the webinar, I'll share:

  • How to find motivated seller leads (and why sellers would agree to lease option their apartment building in the first place)!
  • The Magic Question that makes this creative strategy a no-brainer for the seller.
  • How to QUICKLY increase the value of any commercial property in the first 30 days putting CASH in your pocket.
  • How to FLIP master lease options for FAST cash.

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