Here's a great question that came in from the Investor Insights search logs. Someone in Palmerton, PA wants to know…

Where can I buy REO multifamily buildings?

Well, the first way is to contact the banks directly (learn how in Bulk REO Secrets). If you don’t want to go that route my next two favorite ways are auctions and HUD.

Visit the HUD Multifamily site every Wednesday to see the new listings. Some times there are just a few sometimes there are a lot.

You can also sign up to get on their email list to get email notifications of new multifamily REO’s.
This is a site that I was just introduced to by my friend Caryn. She bid on and won a couple of single family REO’s and I noticed they also list commercial REO’s here. It’s cool – you can go to the auctions in person OR you can bid online.

There you go, Palmerton. Now go get a deal!