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Susan Lassiter-Lyons

Susan Lassiter-Lyons

Founder, Investor Insights

I'm the #1 Amazon Best-Selling author of Getting the Money: The Simple System for Getting Private Money for Your Real Estate Deals, and I’m so happy you’re here at the Investor Insights.

I began investing in real estate in 1994 by forming a small syndicate, the Lien Lords, to pool $2,500 in capital to purchase tax liens at auction.

Since that modest start, I’ve closed more than 600 transactions as an investor, broker, lender, syndicator and advisor.

Additionally, I have…
* Raised $26.2 million in private money from debt and equity partners to fund hundreds of deals.
* Managed real estate hedge funds/syndicates including multifamily equity offerings and a 506(d) private equity mortgage pool to make hard money loans.
* Educated more than 10,000 students who have cumulatively raised hundreds of millions in private money, closed on thousands of properties and improved their lives and communities.

I love teaching and sharing what I know through online training programs, workshops and coaching and I live each day to “have fun and create value!”

Getting the Money

Access to capital is key to success in real estate. We specialize in raising “private money” and working with community lenders to leverage lines of credit, construction loans and more.

Getting the Deals

Access to a full pipeline of off-market deals with high cash-flow potential is essential. Over the years, we've optimized 65 lead channels to choose from.

Getting the Mindset

I believe that success in real estate investing is 80% mindset, 10% system and 10% process. Learning to manage our mind is essential.



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Learn to invest in commercial cash-flow properties such as apartment buildings and learn to evaluate the deals, research the markets and negotiate offers.

Private Money

Raising capital from private, individual investors is the key to eliminating the #1 constraint in your business and controlling your profits.


Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Learn online, offline, low-cost, proven strategies to generate motivated seller, buyer and private money leads.


Learn leading edge strategies for motivation, productivity, time management and boosting your credibility.


Discover the business systems and processes that our real estate investing students use to systematize, grow and scale their business.

Investment Funds

Learn to put together lucrative group investments such as real estate syndications and hedge funds. Perfect for advanced investors, private lenders and mortgage brokers.

What Our Students Are Saying

What Susan teaches works. Period. I have secured nearly $400,000 in private money so far and I am not finished! You won’t be disappointed with ‘Getting the Money’… you will laugh (a lot!), learn, and, if you take action you will most certainly get the money.

Shae Bynes

Ft, Lauderdale, FL

I am an attorney who has been involved in real estate for many years. I have acted as a qualified intermediary for thousands of Section 1031 tax deferred exchanges and I have been a lender. I have just watched the first couple of videos and your information is excellent. You give it to us in simple, well-organized modules and I really appreciate it. Excellent!

Bobby Levenson

Arlington, VA

Susan, I have just signed up and signed in and all I can say is “oh my goodness!” How thorough and complete your material is and what an excellent teacher you are. I am off and running. Thank You!

Shaun Clark

Camino, CA

Susan, I’ve followed several ‘gurus’ including Lance Edwards, David Lindahl, Peter Conti, et al, and I think your material is better than any I’ve heard – that includes presentation and content, especially content. Thank you.

Marshall Werry

Bloomington, IL

I’m sure you hear this all the time from your students – I have taken many seminars and webinars and your presentation and content far exceeds the others. I have over 30 years of real estate experience in all aspects of real estate and still gained a lot of knowledge from your course.

Neil Smith

Pompano Beach, FL

Susan, I got my first Master Lease Option accepted by the seller! We did a deal with no money up front for a $3.1 million option on a building with a recent appraisal of $3.5 million. With an 80% occupancy rate value should be roughly $4.7 million… A nice $1.8 million profit on the back end and $24,500 PER MONTH POTENTIAL NET INCOME!!!! WOW… I just wanted to let you know I am killing with your program. Thanks for the course it’s one heck of a guideline for success.

Charles Key

North Richland Hills, TX

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